Posted on Wed May 15, 2019.

Butterflies are sometimes called flying Flowers because they display the beauty of nature and color as that of flowers as they fly around.

Butterflies are an indicator of a healthy environment and also play various roles in the environment such as pollination and a food source. Munga Eco-lodge is one such healthy environment and a habitat for more than 10 species of butterflies

What comes to your mind when you combine nature and color? Mostly flowers and butterflies come to mind, but did you know that butterflies are called "flying flowers" because they display the beauty of nature and color as they fly by, how fascinating. Butterflies provide an excellent deal to the globe within which they live, which is far beyond what we tend to see as they flutter past. These beautiful flying flowers are indicators of a healthy environment and are often portrayed as the essence of nature, representing freedom, beauty or peace.

Butterflies do not only add color and beauty to the environment, they play various roles in the environment that have been scientifically proven. Butterflies play an important role in the ecosystem acting as pollinators, a food source and an indicator of the ecosystems well being thus an abundance of them indicates a healthier ecosystem. They also play a major role in the restoration of the ecosystem, aiding pollination and also as a food source. Increased butterflies indicate an increase in plant diversity in restored areas.

Butterflies are also agents of pollination in flowers and this results in genetic variation in plant species. They carry pollen from various plant species as they migrate over long distances and share this pollen across plants which are far from one another. This helps plants to recover from diseases and gives them a better chance of survival. Human activities has over the years destroyed these habitats cause a great disturbance in the abundance and distribution of butterflies. Thanks to Munga Eco-Lodge for being a habitat for butterflies.