• Organic garden
    We're Green

Green Experience

Biodiversity * Local labour and talent * Innovative design * Recycled materials * Visits by elephants * Solar power * Organic garden

  • Buildings were made using rammed earth for the walls and thatch
    for the roofs.
  • Reeds and recycled bottles form the restaurant counter and backdrop
    of the bar in the boma.
  • Old hose pipes provide edging for bamboo fences.
  • Light shades are made of reeds, recycled tin cans or are fabricated of metal. 
  • Tables, chairs, bed frames, and doors were fabricated by local artisans such as ironmongers and carpenters.
  • Two solar geysers contribute energy-saving power.  More use of solar power is planned.
  • The garden produces organic fruits and vegetables, used in the restaurant.
  • An indigenous tree nursery was established to help with re-forestation efforts.
  • A canopy of indigenous thickets, trees and grasses promotes biodiversity.  Munga is home to 84 species of trees and shrubs and 34 species of grasses.
  • Upwards of 80 species of resident and seasonal birds have been seen.
  • Elephants pass by the lodge periodically, in certain seasons.