About the Lodge

The lodge endeavours to operate in a sustainable manner.

 It has many innovative features that will appeal to the culture enthusiast and the environmentally-conscious tourist. These include use of rammed earth walls and thatched roofs for all the buildings. Most indoor fixtures were made by local artisans.

Restaurant meals include local and international cuisine. The lodge garden contributes organic produce.

A very special feature of the site is the biological swimming pool. Water is cleansed biologically, through the metabolic activity of aquatic plants, and physically, by way of filtration through stone aggregates. Additional water quality is achieved by keeping it in constant motion with the help of pumps, weirs and a fountain.

Wi-Fi and Internet Services are available. The lodge has an activity center through which a host of tourist outings can be booked.

The lodge owners have made an outreach commitment in support of the Cowboy Cliff Orphanage and Community School. By booking bicycle tours of the City of Livingstone or rides along the banks of the Zambezi River, guests can support this community cause.

We are closely allied with Savannah Southern Safaris for bird-watching, game-viewing and local tours.

Munga Eco-Lodge was built by a Zambian/Canadian couple, retired from their careers in medicine and accounting respectively.