Birds at Munga

Posted on Thu February 23, 2017 in Nature.

Characteristic bird species seen at Munga Eco-Lodge are; Laughing Dove, Red-eyed Dove , Pied Crow, Red-billed Wood-hoopoe, Trumpeter Hornbill, Grey Hornbill, Levaillant’s Cuckoo, Arrow-marked Babbler, Dark-capped Bulbul and Yellow-bellied Greenbul.
In the taller more luxuriant trees can be found Emerald and Klaas’s Cuckoos, Yellow-breasted Apalis and Orange-breasted Bush Shrike.
Western banded Snake Eagle can often be seen, and is probably associated with the Maramba riverine vegetation 1 km to the S.

Below is a list of 69 Bird species seen at Munga Eco-Lodge. This list was compiled by Savannah Southern Safaris in 2014.


1.White browed sparrow weaver

2.Masked weavers

3.Grey lourie

4.(rarely)Schalow`s  turraco

5.Jameson`s firefinch

6.Redbilled finch

7.Village indigo bird

8.Bronze manikins

9.Redfaced cisticola

10.Blue waxbill

11.Tawny flanked prinia

12.Chinspot batis

13.Yellow white eye

14.Northern grey headed house sparrow

15.Tropical boubou

16.Terrestrial brownbou

17.Black crowned tchagara

18.Yellow-bellied greenbul

19.Chinspot batis

20.Blackbacked puffback

21.African pied crow

22.Redchested cuckoo

23.Klass`s cuckoo

24.Senegal coucal

25.European bee-eater

26.White fronted bee-eater

27.Little bee-eater

28.Brown hooded kingfisher

29.Striped kingfisher

30.Malachite kingfisher

31.Half colored kingfisher


33.Hooded vultures

34.White backed vultures.

35.Lizard buzzard

37.Red backed shrike

38.white helmet shrikes

39.Arrow marked babblers

40.African golden oriole

41.Crested barbet

42.Black colored barbet

43.Lilac breasted roller

44.Redbilled hornbill

45.African Grey hornbill

46.Paradise flycatcher

47.spotted flycatcher

48.Grey backed camaroptera

49.Longbilled crombec

50.Cape turtle dove

51.Emerald spotted dove

52.Namaqua dove

53.Red-eyed dove

54.Laughing or palm dove

55.Jacobin cuckoo


57.Southern black tit

58.Yellow-breasted apalis

59.House sparrow

60.Huglins or white browed robin chat

61.White winged widowbird


63.Dark caped bulbul

64.Arrow marked babbler

65.Black collared barbet

66.Green wood hoopoe

67.Redfaced moosebird

68.Helmeted guinea fowl

69.Blue waxbill