Activities at Munga Eco Lodge

Swim, do some bird-watching, listen to live music. Off-site activities can be booked at the Reception office.


  • Take a dip in our chemical-free pool, surrounded by bulrushes, blue and white water-lilies and red and pink dragonflies.


  • Wake up to the sound of Heuglin's Robins, Laughing Doves and Emerald-spotted Doves.
  • Watch the little blue Waxbills and the Lilac-breasted Rollers.
  • Plan a bird-watching activity on or off the property.  Let us book you with our partner 
  • Take a stroll through the natural vegetation.
  • Marvel at Zambia's crimson and gold sunsets.
  • Watch the celestial transformations.
  • Observe elephants pass by the lodge in certain seasons.


  • Dine amongst the "trees" in Siliba Restaurant.
  • Eat organically.


  • Snooze or read by the pool.
  • Weather permitting, sleep under the stars in your private courtyard.
  • Book a massage treatment.


  • Watch traditional dances and songs performed by our talented staff on special request. They do this on a voluntary basis. 
  • Listen to a live musical performance by Hava Music at our restaurant.  Every Sunday at 18:30 hours they play contemporary smooth jazz